marriage, a First Lady, and my guy

I haven’t written about marriage in a while, but today it’s on my mind. Yesterday America lost one of our Mamas. Barbara Bush was an amazing First Lady and First Mom and taught by example the value of investing in your family. Everywhere you look on the internet today, there are articles titled The Bush’s Fairytale Marriage and The Epic Love Story of Barbara and George. While dirty dishes sit in the sink and a pile of towels sits on the floor of my laundry room, I’ve spent my day reading everything I could find on how two people managed to survive 73 years of marriage and create a family legacy that is interwoven with our nation’s story. 

“You have given me joy that few men know,” George H.W. Bush wrote to her, according to a collection of letters published in 1999.

“I have climbed perhaps the highest mountain in the world, but even that cannot hold a candle to being Barbara’s husband,” said George H.W. Bush.

Marriage is hard, y’all. It’s not as hard as parenting and it definitely comes with better perks. Nevertheless, it’s hard. In 2016, when we celebrated our 22nd anniversary, I wrote a list of 22 secrets to staying married. It’s a list of hard-learned, good stuff. If you’re struggling in your marriage (or you just need a good laugh) read it.

In ten months we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. We’ve started making plans to celebrate with an epic adventure. But 73-year fairytale marriages are not made of epic adventures. They’re made of daily choices to love and honor the one you’re with. George and Barbara clearly made a lot of wise daily choices. They praised each other often. She always referred to him as her “hero”. He gave her public accolades for raising their children. They have shared that they prayed together nightly and sought God in every circumstance they faced. When life was hard after losing their daughter, they drew closer. I continue to learn that kindness and honor lead to peace and contentment. Thank you, George and Barbara for reinforcing that lesson.

This week my dear husband began a new chapter with a new job and new title. He is MY hero. Just as he served our nation honorably, he serves our family honorably. God uses him to provide a lifestyle that is more than I could ever deserve. He works hard, he makes me laugh and roll my eyes no matter what circumstances we are walking through.  He’s an amazing protector. He brings me joy. He calms me. And above all, he loves me really really well.

Also, he’s pretty cute in snapchat filters. 😀 

2 thoughts on “marriage, a First Lady, and my guy

  1. Becy Barry

    Kaci I have said many times that you have to see the person you fell in love with every day in your mind. Time changes, bodies change, nut the person you fell IN love with is usually right in front, along side, and some times behind, to give you a push. 51 years us no small feat!

    1. Amen, Becky! Falling in love and continuing to love is a daily choice. Great marriages are not perfect marriages and they do not happen by accident. Congratulations on 51 years! You guys are heroes!

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