muffins with mom in a mental hospital

This post is for every girl who struggles to find joy on Mother’s Day.


Little girls play with dolls and dream of someday mothering real babies. But those little girl dreams never quite match reality, and for this reason many grownup girls have a love-hate relationship with Mother’s Day. I’m one of them.

This year marks a decade since I’ve been able to call my Mom and wish her a happy day. She wasn’t perfect, but she had countless amazing qualities. She screwed up in big, huge, monumental ways and she never got a grasp on grace. For that very reason she did not want to live a long life and she got her wish. But she was my mother. And today I miss her.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted…

I have two babies that I will never hold this side of heaven and I know far too many Mamas longing to hold their lost babies today. Whether you’ve lost a child through miscarriage, abortion, adoption, illness, or tragedy…. this is still your day. You are a Mother.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted…

My baby girl has been hospitalized in a neurobehavioral unit for almost seven months. In anticipation of Mothers Day, these signs were posted all around the hospital…


I know far too many Mamas who struggle through this day because their children are hospitalized, living in residential care or group homes, or unable to utter the word “Mom”. I know Mamas who are spending this day watching their children self-injure, destroy everything in their paths, or praying that their child’s aggression isn’t directed at them today.

No matter what it is about this day that makes it hard for you, know that you are valued. Know that your job as a Mama holds worth beyond measure. Know that God is near you.


Whether you are having Muffins with Mom in a mental hospital, longing for a Mom that isn’t here, longing for a child you cannot hold, or trying to find a way to feel like a success when your child has lost its mind; I pray that you find some joy today. Eat some chocolate. Drink some wine. Celebrate YOU.

Find a way to have a Happy Frickin’ Mother’s Day!

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